Here at Skagit Valley Neighbors in Need, we try to keep our food waste down. We do this by giving our out-of-date produce to a few local pig farmers so they can keep their porky friends happy. Due to a change in our regular farmer’s situation, we no longer have any partnerships with any farms and are now looking to make new ones to help fill this need.

We would prefer to give this food to farm animals to help cut down on having out-of-date produce sitting in a dumpster, attracting rodents. We separate out any non-food items such as plastic wrapping or elastic bands etc. and put consumable items in barrels or large plastic totes, ready to be picked up regularly.If you would like to pick up large quantities of free out-of-date produce for your farm animals, please” contact us and we would love to help provide for your farm.

Please note, we do not deliver; we only separate and sort. Our location is very accessible for large vehicles.