Our volunteers are an integral part of our success; without your commitment and dedication, we could not fulfill our mission to feed the hungry in our community.

If you would like to apply for a position as a volunteer, please read the following policies, please fill out the application below.


Community service is limited to 15 hours per person, at the discretion of the Director. Please inform us if you have community service.


  • All of our volunteers are required to obtain a Food Handlers Permit. NIN will reimburse the $10 fee. Cards can be obtained at the Skagit Health Department, 700 So 2nd St #301 in Mount Vernon. Phone 360-336-9380, or we can help you do it online.
  • The Food Bank distribution hours are from 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday (Except Christmas and New Year’s).
  • The Food Bank also has other days where volunteers can come in to help sort and pack food for our other programs.
  • All Volunteers need to log their hours daily on the Digital Time Clock
  • All donated food needs to be weighed and logged in.
  • The Food Bank respects the privacy of all clients. Our files are confidential. Volunteers shall not discuss with each other or anyone else who comes into the food bank, any information they learn while volunteering. There shall be no records taken from the food bank without authorization from the Director.
  • Volunteers are to take no food from the food bank unless authorized by the Director or Manager. If a volunteer is in need for themselves or their family, they will be given the opportunity to get the food, same as our other volunteers.


As a volunteer for Neighbors In Need, you may be eligible to receive food without waiting in line as a benefit for your time here. To be eligible, you must volunteer for three or more hours every week. This is to prevent unfairness in the distribution of food between our volunteers and to enable us to properly schedule our volunteers throughout the distribution day.

If you believe that you will need to take food, please fill out a Client Application form and bring that with you. If you are an existing client, you will need to bring your client number or fill out another intake form so we can find you in our system.


  • All volunteers are representative of the food bank. Please remember this when dealing with clients who use the food bank, donors who give your food and money, and your fellow volunteers.
  • Your positive interaction with the public helps us promote our organization and its cause. Because we take pride in treating each other and our clients with respect, in operating a clean facility and efficiently delivering food to the needy, we have become a food bank that the community is proud to support. We rely on you to help us maintain that support.


For liability reasons, we need to maintain basic information on our volunteers regarding emergency contact and medical conditions. Please read, fill-in and sign the following information:

By clicking submit, you are confirming that you have read and understood the policies and operating procedures above, and if you are accepted, agree to abide by them. Furthermore, you agree in respect to your volunteer status, to respect client’s rights and privacy and to not remove any food from the food bank unless authorized by the Director. You also agree to use this typed signature in place of your true signature for the purpose of this application.