Skagit Valley Neighbors In Need has been open since 1972 and has continuously served Skagit Valley ever since. We are the second largest food bank in the region serving about 2,000 families, totaling about 8,000 people a month.

Last year, we distributed over 1,322,000 lbs of food. We did this through our various services such as our regular distribution days, Mobile Food program, Backpack programs and our support of our local mental and sexual health units. This totals over 2 million dollars which these families can now spend on their needs, and supporting our economy.

How We Are Able To Do This

As a non-profit organization, we work closely with our food providers and with community outreach to provide our outstanding services. Because of the generous support we receive from our community, we are able to supply Skagit Valley’s families with the help it needs.

We partner with NorthWest Harvest and Food Lifeline to be able to provide as much food as we do. We also receive generous donations from local grocery stores as well as financial donations from private donors and charity drives. Without these people, we would not be here to help provide the services which we do. We are forever grateful.